Socializing & training for all breeds from 9 weeks old
in a relaxed homely environment by Karen Gray-Kilfoil & other behaviourists
Own a SMART Puppy: Sociable, well-Mannered, Attentive, Relaxed & Trained

The PUPPY PRE-SCHOOL course consists of 6 lessons, each of which includes different aspects of these important elements of puppy development:
How the course works:
The 6 one hour lessons are held over 6 to 8 weeks. It is a roll on, roll off system, so you can begin with any lesson. You may continue bringing your puppy to as many classes as you like, providing your puppy plays gently with the younger puppies.

Age to start: (IMPORTANT!)
Your puppy MUST be between 9 & 16 weeks old when starting. This is essential for socialization to be most effective. If your puppy is over 16 weeks old, then find a training class for older puppies at Also your puppy must have had at least one vaccination, at least a week before its first class.

Who can come:
Interested family & friends are welcome to come along. Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult.

The classes are held partly in Karen's secure garden & partly in a park between Barque & Boeier Crescents, Sun Valley (between Fish Hoek & Noordhoek, South Peninsula). If using What3Words app: dismissive.hedgehogs.beeping

Day & time:
Most Sunday mornings at 9am

Course fee:
R600,00 per puppy for the course, OR R100,00 per class. Half price for welfare-adopted puppies. Payable at the puppy's first class or within a week thereafter. Cash or EFTs are accepted. Student & pensioner discounts on request.

Swimming pool:
Please supervise children (no swimming) & puppies around the pool. Most puppies can swim, but need to be taught where to get out. Please ask about how to do this if you have a swimming pool.

Bad weather:
Puppy classes are NEVER cancelled due to bad weather. It's a good idea for pups to get used to being out in all weather, particularly for toilet-training purposes. There is enough cover to shelter in if necessary, but bring a raincoat for you & a towel for your puppy.

For class dates, photos, relevant information, videos & news go to:

To book your place in the class or for more information contact Karen:
Email: Tel: 021 785 5811

Please bring the following to classes:
Home visits are also available on request.

If the venue or time doesn't suit you, please go to this page for a list of other puppy schools: